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My most recent post "Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian: Beautiful and Tragic" was featured on MissJia.com! L-ved the great feedback from everyone who either disagreed or agreed! Below is a comment from @AmericanBoi left on Miss Jia's blog. I thought it was pretty right on, so I'm sharing.

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"People keep saying Marilyn had talent. Marylin Monroe was NOT a good actress. She was like the Rihanna of acting in her era. She was more popular for being beautiful and for her personal affairs with men. Just like Kim K. They are very much alike. I do get that ppl have issues with Kim bc they say she's an "attention whore" but you can't be an attention whore if nobody is paying attention. She lives her life in front of cameras. She's beautiful. She's rich. And ppl feel like they can do or know someone who can do what she does but in reality they CAN'T. And that turns into hate. Kim K markets herself off of her beauty and her curvaceous body. How many video girls do you know who are beautiful and curvy? They aint Kim K. There's a reason for that. All the hate that comes this girls way is out of jealousy. Plain and simple."     - @AmericanBoi

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Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian: Beautiful and Tragic (Updated)


Note: This post is about the comparison of idolizing sex symbols and their scrutiny. It in no way says one is better than the other or that Kim is Marilyn. Please read carefully and thoroughly before your nerves get bad. ALL comments will be posted whether you agree or not. I totally enjoy ALL points of view. But if you're insulting to one another, I will delete you. :(


I find it interesting that so many women, young and old, glorify, praise and even emulate the late and beautiful Marilyn Monroe.  So many of us post her pictures and quotes in admiration and make them relatable to ourselves in some narcissistic way. Some of us try to be her in the more literal sense with the blond waves and red lips, but lets be honest, not even Kim K can capture the complete glamour and mystery that was Marilyn Monroe.

With that being said, most people ignore the life of Marilyn and only bring recognition to her fun quotables and brilliant pictures, and of course her historic films. Maybe its in a way to embrace her period of life, since she is no longer alive. It seems when someone has passed away we are less critical of their short comings and sometimes even feel guilty for ever saying horrible things about them. Michael Jackson is a great example of this as well. Which makes me wonder, why don't we do the same with our present day sexy symbol, like Kim Kardashian? We let her controversial beginnings overcast her obviously gorgeous face, and much like Marilyn, curvy body. And much like Marilyn, she's a flirty and giggly social butterfly who makes her rounds. The one obvious difference is Kim is not an actress, but she is a part of the modern day acting that we call "reality tv".  Maybe the candor of Kim K is what brings the scrutiny? Perhaps if she were more mysterious we would have less to say about her?

Ok ok, so lets talk about Marilyn for a sec.  Miss Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol during a time where it was very taboo to be sexy, flirty and/or promiscuous. She was unapologetic for her fascinating sensuality.  She created a persona: a glamorous, fearless, teasing, charming actress who lived to entertain and challenge the overrated "good girl" that was prevalent in that time. This persona was in place of other darker realities in Marilyn's life, one being having a historic affair with the President of the United States, JFK and possibly (rumored) his brother Robert, divorces and deaths and other marital affairs. But in such a flawless face and presence, these not so favorable actions of hers humanized her.  People who thought she was perfect, found out that she was just a regular girl, who wanted to be l-ved.  And made some hard choices along the way.

Does this sound familiar yet ? No? How about this..

When describing Marilyn at a party, a woman said "That dress!" she said. "I wasn’t sure if she was trying to get into it or out of it." ..   While the men defended her.

Still not familiar ?

Marilyn had a ton of critics. Mainly, women. Shocker. They hated the way she dressed provocatively, and how she exuded sex and attracted so much attention from men because of her infamous figure.  They didn't care if she was talented, or smart, they cared that she was being acknowledged and chased after because of how unbelievably desirable she was.  A story of a news reporter slamming Marilyn for wearing a dress that she quoted was "vulgar" made Marilyn and Fox Studios do photo stills of her in a form fitting burlap potato sack dress! Marilyn responded saying she can look good in ANYTHING. :)

Gotta l-ve that Marilyn.

Even though Miss Marilyn was beautiful, dressed provocatively, was fun flirty and still had very questionable behavior with men, her success reassured her.  She didn't give up on  being the persona that so many loved and hated.

"Oh, well. I'd rather talk to men, anyway." -Marilyn

I wouldn't call Kim Kardashian a modern day Monroe, or the new Marilyn Monroe. I will say that it is intriguing and sometimes unfortunate to see so much hate towards Kim, from the same women who have cheap canvas portraits of Marilyn Monroe in their bathrooms. 

Oh, well. Kim is going through what Marilyn went through in terms of scrutiny and judgment. And look at their successes despite the superficial hate.  

I like Kim. I like Marilyn. I have a soft place in my heart for women who seem a little sad, or broken, or lonely on some type of level.  Kim wants to be loved, and believes in it incessantly. Even if it makes her look desperate. As did Marilyn. That's what is so beautiful and tragic about them. Bad relationships, losing parents to death, divorces, all too much in common. While Kim seems to be happy in her present state, Marilyn unfortunately let depression win and died from an overdose. Whether it was suicide or homicide will always be a debate. 

The point of this blog is to show the double standard. And how superficial we can be when deciding to "hate" people. You don't have to like Kim. Hell, you don't have to like Marilyn.  But to like one and not the other, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And it doesn't have to. Opinions are free. But, I thought I would just maybe say all this out loud to bring light to the unnecessary negativity we give to women in the industry who may very well be sex symbolsbut are still obviously..human.


How to tell if..


..a man is an ASS HOLE! 
·         There is a disconnect between what he says he is going to do, and what he actually does.  
·         Tells  you to not talk to your friends and fam about you two’s “situation.”  For fear they may actually tell you...he is an ass hole.  
·         His conversations with you usually only exist right before or right after sex.  
·         He talks to you like you have a tail.   :[

Even though these are very obvious signs of a jerk, we still seem to express some kind of questionable interests in these type of men.  We think we can change, them and we can’t.  Ass hole-ish behavior is contagious.  Get out while you can.    


Speaking from experience..

 It’s really not cool to go through people’s things, including, but not limited to, cell phones, handbags, luggage, private letters/mail, phone books.  Really anything that you should be asking permission to see.  You can’t go looking for dirt and get mad when you find it.  If the person you’re with has something tucked away in secrecy, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily bad or that it’s infidelity, it could be something that has nothing to do with you whatsoever and is private to that person.  For you to discover that on your own, is kind of un-cool.  Ask questions, without defensive reactions, show your trustworthy, and I’m sure they will open up to you about private things, in due time.  Don’t make them have to take your skepticism in the ass.  


15 things you DON'T know about Jay-Z!

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